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Who are you?
P: god
W: Multimedia supertalent enterprise.

When does the website get updated for new posts?
whenever we feel like it. or about twice weekly.

What is the sole purpose of okaythanksbye?
P: to make you go "har har har" out loud
W: To make you go, "teehee."

Why did you make this website?
P: it helped me gain custody of my wife's dog
W: I didn't.

Where can you find new posts?
they will be put here up to the beginning of the week and will then be moved to the archive once it becomes too cluttered

Is anything you say serious?
P: everything i write is the authority on life and you must heed these words or i will crush you between my index finger and thumb like a chocolate candy left out in the sun too long
W: I'm just here to have a good time! :)

Can you post my shitty joke and/or promote my shitty stuff?
unless we're getting paid then no but if you want to pay us go to the about pageand send an email

Will you ever take applicants for writing stuff and creating things?
maybe, but two people is more than enough for writing hilarious awesome cool jokes