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>You're well into adult life as a jaded wagey librarian

>Recently inherited collection of n64 games previously owned by a friend of a relative you've never met, by the name of "Michael Massive" (notably odd name, but his actual name)

>Talk about getting to play n64 games you played as a kid again, such as Kirby 64 or Wave Race 64

>Rant about the dust, how it collects on the cartridges. This collection is especially dusty and corroded. Games like Majora glitch out when you tried to delete the save file, games are labeled with sharpie.

>Begin playing it, get pretty far into it. Note how this is a bizarre instance of the game, Certain textures seem missing, some of the music seems to be sort of bootlegged early versions of the soundtrack.

>One game you've never even heard of, odd name of "bug buster", you've avoided playing but your curiosity strikes one day.

>You try it out, it's bugged, blow on the cartridge, still doesn't seem to run properly. Give up and get some rest.

>Decide to play more kirby 64 the next day, realize you missed a few shards in the desert world, go back to the first level of rock star and the game glitches and crashes.

>Getting a bit frustrated. Take out the cartridge, blow on it, put it back. Glitches out, turn it off. Go fix yourself some dinner.

>A few minutes later while you're in your apartment's kitchen, you hear the console has turned back on. No idea how this is happening, you get excited and pick up the controller to continue playing after you've finished preparing your meal.

>You make a couple inputs, get to the part of the level where it starts to fill up with sand. It flickers off and back on, now it's on the other game. You have no idea how this is happening.

>Mildly frustrated, you decide to humor the ghosts in the machine and play a little bit.

>It's boring. Hard to aim, bugs move too quickly to bust easily. You unplug the console and decide you'll try and mess with it more tomorrow, to figure out the problem.

>Get back from work the next day, paranoid about the amount of dust in your room, decide to fully vacuum and wipe all the surfaces down, open up the console, clean every facet of it.

>Try out your n64 again, this odd game still boots, starting to feel especially hopeless. Decide to play a bit more of it. There's definitely a big problem with aiming in this game. Clearly a product of early 3d.

>Begin troubleshooting some other games, Wave Race 64 is glitchy, try blowing on the cartridge. It seems to work okay for a little bit before bugging out again.

>Mario 64 doesn't boot properly. Blow on it, nothing. Take apart the cartridge and clean for corrosion, nothing.

>You try out F-Zero X, things are glitchy, every track is replaced with Sand Ocean. This wasn't happening before. You clean for corrosion like last time, the game is still messed up.

>You're a bit frustrated now. Decide ur throwing out this collection because you've tried everything you can to get it working and the console's busted.

>A couple days later. The dust paranoia is lingering. It's starting to hit you at work now too, clean out the entire [something].

>Get back home. Start cleaning, too exhausted. Get rest.

>The next day. Everything is still dusty, more dusty than before. No time, head to work.

>Everything is dusty. The idea starts to hit you, there are thousands of tiny creatures eating your flesh in this dust.

>Go ballistic anti-dust mode. There is always more dust. Go to sleep.

>Nightmare about a swarm of dust mites eating you alive. Get home from work, take the n64 out of the trash and try to boot up Kirby again to calm nerves.

>It's normal. Just as you remembered it.